Tiger Woods first Athlete to Earn $1 Billion

30 09 2009

Woods became the first athlete to earn $1 billion after receiving a $10 million bonus for winning the 2009 FedEx Cup this weekend.

According to Forbes.com, the golf star has earned his record-breaking billion not only in prize money, but also in endorsements, appearance fees, and the creation of three courses under his golf course design business, Tiger Woods Design.  These courses, located in North Carolina, Dubai, and Mexico, are a source of $10 million each.

Though substantial, the income from his design pales in comparison to that of Woods’ endorsements.  Since stepping onto the golf scene more than 13 years ago, he has entered into more than a dozen sponsorship deals that have brought in tens of millions of dollars for both the athlete and his corporate partners.

Woods receives $30 million a year from Nike for being the face of their golf brand, which now earns more than $80 million annually.  The golf superstar is also in agreements with AT&T, Gatorade, EA Games, and Gillete –  to name a few.

Woods Leads Endorsement Pack (http://tinyurl.com/yhryq4k)

Woods Leads Endorsement Pack (http://tinyurl.com/yhryq4k)

Since 2002 Woods has been the highest paid athlete in the world, passing six-figure income earners like retired basketball player Michael Jordan and German Formula One racer Michael Schumacher.  

The global star power and fandom of these two athletes shows the magnitude of Woods and his commercial prowess. 

“The most stunning part is that Woods is 33 years old – he might have 15 years of competitive golf left in him, and 30-plus years of designing courses.  This is only the first billion for Woods,” said Kurt Badenhausen in Sports’ First Billion-Dollar Man.




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1 10 2009

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