Record Sponsors for NBA International Games

7 10 2009

A record number of sponsors will join the National Basketball Association overseas this preseason for its international games.

The five professional basketball games will be played across Europe, Asia, and Mexico this fall, giving worldwide sponsors access to a comparatively untapped fan base.

adidas: Official Sponsor of NBA International Games

adidas: Official Sponsor of NBA International Games (

“The event experiences — being able to touch and feel our product — are among the most valuable things we offer sponsors, and overseas partners are realizing how valuable that can be in reaching specific audiences,” said Emilo Collins, NBA Senior BP/International Development & Partnerships in today’s Sports Business Daily.

Three global brands are taking advantage of the NBA presence on all three continents – adidas, Coke, and EA Sports – while the majority of corporate partners are geographically tailoring their overseas sponsorship.  These partners include popular companies such as Hewlett-Packard, American Airlines, and Toyota, said Terry Lefton in his article linked above.

Sponsors such as these have been committed to the NBA as it tries to raise its brand awareness and increase its fan base overseas.  The preseason games are a part of the NBA’s increased efforts to take their game around the world –  which they attempted by hosting more than 345 international events in 158 cities and 24 countries since the start of the 2008-2009 season, according to

As professional basketball sweeps across countries such as China, Spain, and Taiwan, transforming fans into consumers as they go, more and more global brands will be sure to jump on for the ride.  This will be especially true as revenues from advertising in the United States continue on a downward trend.

“Like us, the NBA recognizes that there are many ways to communicate with people and that the landscape is changing every day,” said John Hackett, senior vice president, Marketing, Coca-Cola North America in a Coke press release.  “Our relationship offers the freedom to anticipate and adapt to new opportunities so that we are always on the leading edge.”




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