Corporate Execs Fill Stadium Seats

8 11 2009

Professional sports has always been regarded as an escape for fans, and it seems that these days corporations – and thus, franchise owners – are getting their own respite.

Corporate Ticket Sales up 58% (

In “Corporations Come Back to the Ball Game” reported the data of an annual index compiled by TicketOS, an online firm dedicated to helping corporations manage their ticket information.  The index, which trails the ticket activity of 15 different companies, said that these firms were responsible for 38,175 season tickets in October 2009, compared to 24,129 last year.  As pointed out, that is a significant – 58% – increase.

The number had dropped last fall amidst the questionable role of ‘the corporation’ in the recession.  But as the economy s-l-o-w-l-y begins to pick up pace, so has the confidence of corporate executives to allow themselves to be seen having fun.

And since fun means a beer and a hotdog watching the game, no one could be happier than team and stadium owners.  The majority of teams in the four major American professional leagues: the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL were all dealt major blows from the financial crisis.  Stadiums lost many of their big sponsorships from traditional partners such as GM, and sports fans have been less than eager to shell out money for a game. 

Good thing we have the corporations.

While the average sports fan may be outraged to hear that the (unnamed) corporations are shelling out cash to kick back and watch their favorite teams fight for the playoffs, it seems that these companies are responsible for keeping attendance up and preventing game black-outs until fans are able to get back in the action.

Stadiums that gained the most: (from Top 10 Stadiums for Corporate Ticket Sales)

Madison Square Garden New York City 2,891 66%
Yankee Stadium New York City 2,840 48%
Verizon Center Washington D.C. 1,846 32%
Fenway Park Boston, MA 1,842 22%
Dodger Stadium Los Angeles, CA 1,743 32%
FedEx Field Washington D.C. 1,401 17%
American Airlines Dallas, TX 1,230 50%
Giants Stadium E. Rutherford, NJ 1,201 22%
Philips Arena Atlanta, GA 1,617 30%
Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia, PA 982 19%



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