NASCAR Turning Green

14 11 2009

“Going green” is one of the most popular trends in the country, and NASCAR is racing to catch up.

As the professional sport with the largest ecological footprint in America, the racing community is modifying certain technologies and procedures to transform into a cleaner and greener system.

NASCAR attempts to be more environmentally friendly (

According to an article in USAToday, the “federal government has begun prodding the racing industry to become leaders in efficiency.” For example, “the Department of Energy says it would prefer NASCAR change the gas to a bio-based fuel.”

So what is the industry, its teams, and its racetracks doing?

  • By 2011, NASCAR hopes to have replaced all of its carburetors with a more efficient fuel injection
  • NASCAR teams are exploring the use of alternative fuels
  • God of  Green, Al Gore, advised NASCAR on how to reduce the carbon footprint of tracks across the country
  • Racetracks are planting trees to offset carbon emissions
  • Solar farms are also sprouting up at racetracks, in order to power air-conditioned suites (

While all of these efforts are admirable, they are (of course) not purely altruistic.  In contrast, NASCAR only stands to gain.  By actively participating in these measures, the professional racing industry is positioning itself as a leader in the revolutionizing of automobile technologies – and an attractive partner for green sponsors.

Take NASCAR sponsor Carfax, for example.  Rather than plastering their name on a panel of a racetrack or on the hood of a car, the source of vehicle history reports decided to put their money to good use: they “made an environmental donation to offset more than 4,200 tons of emissions for Nationwide Series race at Michigan International Speedway.”  Not only does this type of sponsorship tap into the coveted loyal NASCAR fans, but it also seeps into the green community in a noticeable and powerful way.




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