Why No One (Except his Wife) Should Care about Tiger’s Trangressions

7 12 2009

Ever since he ran his Escalade into a tree, the world has been a buzz with everything Tiger Woods. As scandalous details continued to be uncovered, the discussion fell to just how much this story will hurt the icon’s business.

Notice that this discussion didn’t last long. While Woods’ sponsors surely took a moment to lament his “transgressions,” it is extremely unlikely that any of them will ditch the player anytime soon (unless – that is – his personal life starts affecting his professional life.) In fact, each of his big-name sponsors followed his public statement with their own, in which they showed their unwavering support for the world’s number one golfer/ their cash cow.


It is unlikely Tiger's trangressions will cost him more than his marriage (http://tinyurl.com/ykaqt6s)

In the past few years, Woods has partnered with some of the greatest corporate brands on the planet. In doing so, he not only planted himself on the fast track to becoming the first billionaire athlete, but also made millions for his sponsors. According to Forbes.com, “Nike has built an $800 million (sales) business on his back; The Tiger Woods EA Sports PGA Tour series – now in its 12th incarnation – is one of the most popular videogames on the market; and Pepsi-Co launched a line of Gatorade Tiger sports drinks last year.”

Not only do these sponsors not want to lose this business, they more importantly do not want to lose this business to someone else. If any one of these corporations were to break contract with Woods, it would only take seconds for another competitor to cash in on the golfer’s success. And it’s not like these corporations have another golfer to turn to. According to the E-Poll Market Research on Forbes.com, Phil Mickelson is the golfer with the second highest public awareness – of 25% – a number that pales in comparison to Woods’ 82%.

The idea that true sports fans are going to stop rooting for their favorite athlete based on infidelity is unsubstantiated. If that were the case, very few athletes would have fans at all. Sponsors – and fans – do not adore Tiger because he is a good guy. Padraig Harrington is probably a good guy, but the majority of people haven’t heard of him. That’s because he can’t pick up a golf club and do what Tiger can. In fact, no one can.

Tiger Woods made golf popular. As Kurt Badenhausen points out in his article, Save The Tiger, “the top three TV ratings in the history of the U.S. Open were all Woods victories, in 200, 2002, and 2008. The ratings during the fourth round of the 2008 U.S. Open where Woods completed on a torn knee ligament and a double stress fracture in his leg beat those of Game 5 of the NBA Finals  between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, which played the same day.” And when Woods missed that year’s PGA Championship due to his injuries? Ratings plummeted 55%.

As long as Tiger Woods continues to play the course as only he can, the idea that any sponsor would want to part ways with the golfer is incredulous.  Fans and advertisers will continue to watch in awe, as he dominates the game of golf.




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9 12 2009

I agree with Tiger Woods sponsors. His infidelity is nobody’s business. How would those of you that are ridiculing Tiger feel if everybody got all into your personal business, past and present? His mistake was choosing the wrong women to have affairs with and moving in next to nosey neighbors. GET A LIFE AND STOP INTERFERING WITH TIGER’S. If his wife is happy or not, let her deal with it. She will come out smelling like a rose no matter what happens.

9 12 2009

Sounds like you ‘protest too much’! So, explain this attitude to your kids! We shouldn’t care what athletes do in their own time, because..?? People liked Tiger and invested in him because he also appeared to be Mr good-guy! So we should’t care if he broke his wedding vows…It doesn’t matter what kind of person he is? I think it does! What if athletes trick people into investing/selling their property so they can buy up all the oceanfront property? What if they fund child porn organizations? What if they kill people, should that matter?
HIs image is part of what sells stuff – now Gatorade has dropped him – that says alot to KIDS, Let’s see what else happens.
His and alot of other athletes and politicians’ images are tarnished because they thought they were “too big for their britches” – in more ways than one!!

9 12 2009

Golf was fine before Tiger and it will be long after Tiger retires……….. only wannabee hacks tune in just to see him play ’cause they don’t really understand the game………. damn right it’s our business – Tigger and his pops (before he passed) constantly beat us over the head with how ”perfect” he is and how he’ll ”change humanity”, we have every right to know if the truth is otherwise…….. he’s a Farce……… and Tigger fans are losers.

9 12 2009

I guess Cazz would cut off the mans’ head.I see a real disturbance in Cazzs’ own vulnerabilities.So much hate for ..what…? a golfer??? or is it a man that makes ALOT of money and you don’t or what? Something shook your chain and it bothered you. Why? I would bet if you never heard this story your life would have remained the same. Let it go… and let your jealousy and covetness go too. The story is not worth the time I took to write this. Have a grand day…if you want to worry about something…worry for our republic…she is in much worse shape than Tiger. Thanks, G

9 12 2009

As far as i can see Tiger is still the best He must be a damn good man to do all they say he has done and still be the top golfer in the world. LEAVE HIM ALONE WHAT HE DOES IS NO ONES BUSINESS EXCEPT HIM AND HIS WIFE

9 12 2009

This is between Tiger and his wife. He has broken no laws. I think his wife will decide his punishment. He needs to to say he’s sorry to his family and his fans and swear off other women. He got too famous and rich too young. He married young also. He needs to get his priorities in order and start fresh. “I’m sorry”and meaning it goes a long way with his true fans. They really only want the best for him and his family. All others just want to see him fail.

9 12 2009


9 12 2009
Paul Silverstein

Leave Tiger alone Everyone forgets this is a private family matter They also forget the Millions he has helped raise for charity the good things he has done and the fact this really is no one’s business but his family. I have no doubt he will continue to draw sponsors and only idiots would drop him

11 12 2009

hey G and Silverstein…….. Sponsors want to be affiliated with good people . . . . something Tigger is not. You’ll see this story will turn-out a little differently than Kobe’s so-called resurrection. Golf’s corp. backers and the enthusiastic players and fans of the game that were there long before Tigger’s fraudulant persona hit the scene will NOT go rushing back to him like the gangster Kobe fans and the wannabees that Tigger brought to golf. Tigger’s been a j-ass since his junior days and nothing has changed. If you don’t think Tigger’s screw-ups are any of my business then my feeling it is is none of your business…………. go buy another Chinese-made Nike club-o-the-month and some new Nike shoes and continue to think that’ll improve your game………. sheep…….. lemmings………

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