March Madness Just Got Even Better

3 03 2010 revamped its NCAA March Madness On Demand video player just in time for the first round of games on March 18.

Like last year, NCAA March Madness on Demand will stream every men’s NCAA championship game from the first round through the finals.

But now, users can also check out screen-in-screen highlights and access a wide range of statistics (including tournament and game leaders in points, assists, rebounds and three-pointers) that will overlay the game they are watching these live streaming games.

CBSSports is making sure you miss none of the March Madness action (image via CBSSports)

Another great feature of the video player is the Boss Button.  The Boss Button hides and mutes your game when pressed to give the appearance that you were not just watching college hoops.  According to a statement released by CBS Sports, it was clicked more than 2.77 million times last year.

Not only are these features great for viewers who can’t access a TV, but they are great for CBS Sports as well.

According to the release,

In 2009, the production of NCAA March Madness on Demand recorded 7.52 million unique visitors in 2009, a 58% increase over 2008 figures.

Additionally, there were 8.6 million total hours of video and audio consumed, a 75% increase over 2008 figures.

Check out the NCAA March Madness On Demand video player on March 10 to see all of your favorite NCAA tournament highlights and get pumped for this year’s games.




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