Get Screwed At The Super Bowl and Receive March Madness For Free

6 03 2010

Remember the CareerBuilder Super Bowl ad where everyone in the office was in their underwear?

Remember the Dockers ad right after it where everyone was similarly missing their pants?

Or maybe you thought they were the same ad?

CBS  screwed up when they placed the two commercials back-to-back.  Many viewers believed them to be a single CareerBuilder ad, thus potentially making Dockers’ $3.5 million dollar investment a waste.

Jennifer Sey, VP of global marketing for Dockers told Ad Age:

Executives at Dockers were somewhat disappointed that we ran immediately after the CareerBuilder spot, given the visuals were similar, though we definitely felt the spots were very different.

To make up for their blunder, CBS is going above and beyond the norms of customer service.  According to Ad Age, CBS gave Dockers three 30-second spots during March Madness.  For free.

And it’s not even like CBS was forced to extend the offer to fill ad space.   According to Sports Business Digest, companies have been fighting to get in on the action during March Madness:

CBS has [already] sold more than 90 percent of the available ad time for its coverage of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s men’s basketball tournament. Both pricing and total sales are up compared to last year.

While CBS probably should have spaced the two ads apart, in the end, Dockers lucked out.  The clothing company has repeatedly stated that the Super Bowl ad, which reached 106.5 million people, was successful in improving sales.

And now, on top of that, they are receiving three 30-second ads that go for as much as $1 million dollars each.

Did CBS owe the three spots to Dockers after airing the commercials back-to-back?

Watch the ads and decide for yourself.




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