No More Free Swag For College Basketball Stars

9 03 2010

No more free gear will be handed out in the NCAA tournament this year (image via nbccamps)

College basketball’s top athletes are constantly bombarded with free swag, ranging from top-of-the-line basketball shoes, to work-out gear, and even iPods.

March Madness is typically no different, but last summer Big Ten, Pac-10, and Mid-American officials decided to halt the distribution of all tournament gifts this year as a way to cut costs, the Sports Business Journal reports.

Though an effortless cut, the absence of these gifts will greatly pay off.  The MAC expects to save $40,000, while Pac-10 and Big Ten expect to drop more than $300,000 from this year’s expenses, according to Sports Business Journal.

But the rest of the conferences were not convinced the trade-off would be worth it.

So while players in the Pac-10, Big Ten, and MAC will be going home empty-handed, their fellow athletes in the ACC will receive a Nintendo Wii package and an Under Armour backpack.

SEC players get to walk away with one of the following: a Garmin Nuvi GPS, Sony digital camera, Apple iPod Touch 8GB, Flop MinoHD camc order, or Wenger two-tone touch.

Athletes in the NCAA will be given a bench chair, Jostens ring, Fossil watch, backpack, Wilson mini-basketball and commemorative ticket. And if they make it to the Final Four — a piece of the playing court, Sports Business Journal reports.




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