ESPN To Roll Out New York-Exclusive Site

28 03 2010

New York is finally catching up to LA, Boston, and Chicago, as launches April 2.

The latest edition of ESPN’s string of local sites, will feature both exclusive and original content orientated to New York’s major professional, collegiate, and high school sports programs., launching April 2, will focus exclusively on NY sports (Image via Cris Snider Design)

Highlights and analysis of teams including the Yankees, Knicks, and Giants will be included in the site’s video coverage.  ESPNNewYork SportsCenter, which features the usual SC faces, will be central to the site, framing both exclusive and original NY content from ESPN’s top programs.

So far, ESPN has had great success with its other city-tailored sites.  According to comScore, more than 6.2 million sports fans visited one of the four (Boston, Chicago, L.A., Dallas) sites, spending more than 20.4 million minutes there.

These types of numbers ring true with advertisers, who may be hesitant to pay for space on the web.  So far, StubHub, Anheuser-Busch, and Audi have gotten in on the action, and will appear as charter sponsors for the ESPNNY site.

With their unrivaled brand and pre-established content and distribution streams, ESPN has been able to cater to users in new, cost-effective ways that are already paying off.   According to a release from ESPN, has content syndication deals with The Huffington Post Chicago and with ABC-owned TV station WLS. also has similar agreements.




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