Why Obama Is Not A (Sports)Fan-Favorite

31 03 2010

Sports fans are predominently Republican, according to a recent study. (Image via Snagwire Media)

It turns out your favorite sport may predict whether you are more likely to vote along Republican or Democratic party lines.

A recent study by GOP think tank, National Media Inc. analyzed the correlations between viewers’ favorite sports and their voting habits.

According to the study, the PGA Tour has the strongest Republican base.  GOPers also tend to follow College football, Nascar, and the NHL more than their Democratic counterparts.

Meanwhile, the WNBA  has the greatest percentage of left-leaning fans. Democrats also tend to favor NBA, the WWE, and Men’s and Women’s tennis.

Overall, however, sports fans are more likely to swing right.  Dedicated fans are also more likely to vote than those who are not.

As Hotline On Call points out, these statistics could have important implications for those running political ad campaigns.  The Republican base is notoriously harder to reach through ads, and viewers typically stick around more for commercials during a sporting event.

So next time you sit down to watch the Lakers play, or watch Tiger hit the course in the PGA Tour, keep an eye out for politically aligned commercials trying to reach their target base.




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