Forget Tiger; The Star Of The Masters Will Be 3D TV

1 04 2010

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the SNY studios on 51st street and check out Comcast’s test footage of the Masters in 3D.

As a 3D TV skeptic, I did not expect to be impressed — or even entertained.  But I was captivated.  And after seeing a side-by-side comparison of the Tournament in HD and 3D, I was sold.

Chad Campbell at the 2009 Masters. Details such as sand flying out of a sand trap come to life on 3D TVs. (Image via TheePochTimes)

After spending an hour and a half watching professional golfers play the Augusta course, I think 3D TV and sports could actually take off.

I wrote a post about it at Business Insider, but here are the highlights of my argument:

  • If you are in the market for a new TV in the next few years, you will buy a 3D TV.  This is because “3D TVs” aren’t exclusively 3D — manufacturers are making HD TVs with 3D capability, Comcast Fellow and engineer Mike Francisco told us. Switching from HD to 3D will be as simple as pushing a button, although they will be much more expensive for now.
  • While some “active” glasses are battery-powered and as much as $150 a pop, many sets are opting for “passive” technology.  The glasses for these TVs could cost as little as one dollar each, and will be available starting this summer. Plus, they work just as well — if not better.
  • 3D TV isn’t like the movies. Things don’t fly out at you and make you feel sick. The Masters in 3D has all of the subtlety of the Masters in HD, but adds depth, angles, and the contours of the course.
  • 3D glasses won’t be necessary. 3D technology, sans glasses, is currently in the works, and should be ready for the consumer market within the next five to 10 years.



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