LeBron Is Failing To Fill Jordan’s Nike Shoes

5 04 2010

After seven years, LeBron James continues to struggle to fill Michael Jordan's shoes (Image via lsnfashions)

Nike just renewed its seven-year, $93 million, 2003 contract with LeBron James.

But as Kurt Badenhausen at Forbes points out, it’s likely James “didn’t get much of a raise from Nike as sales of his shoes have not been the blockbuster Nike hoped for when they signed him in 2003.”

When Nike signed James, it was undoubtedly looking to build a viable successor to its Jordan brand, which is one of the most recognizable – and most profitable – brands in the world.


Air Jordan is a billion dollar brand for Nike. (Image via Both Sides of the Table)

The Nike/Michael Jordan brand now makes up roughly 5 percent of Nike’s overall revenues.  It has a 10.8 share of the overall US shoe market (making it the second largest brand in the country), and 75 percent of basketball shoes sold in the United States are Jordans.  Nike’s other brands – including LeBron James’ and Kobe Bryant’s shoe lines – account for less than 20 percent of the basketball shoe market, according to Badenhausen.

James seemed like the perfect player to start his own billion dollar brand with the apparel company.  He earned more than $40 million in sponsorship deals last year, and that number is likely to increase with new deals such as his recent McDonald’s endorsement.

He has no problem selling tickets, but so far James’ shoes have been a flop.  James is retiring his #23 jersey in honor of Jordan’s success — is it time to retire his Nike line too?




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6 04 2010

I don’t think ANY player will live up to the Jordan brand on any given shoe deal. Jordan took so many years to build his Jordan collection. I remember I used to collect his shoes left and right, till they started getting totally plain ugly. Haha. I think the problem for LeBron is that his shoes aren’t “sleek” looking as Jordan’s classic stuff. I’m a fan of Kobe, and I love his shoes WAY better than LeBron’s. LeBron’s shoes are also VERY overpriced. Good article though.

13 04 2010

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3 05 2010
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5 05 2010
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