The Super Bowl’s Hidden Pay-Offs

6 04 2010

For a city, hosting the Super Bowl can be a bigger win than a victory on the field.

The biggest sporting event in the country spurs business for local hotels, restaurants, and other establishments; but the New York Giants and Jets are hoping it could do a little bit more.

Winning the Super Bowl bid could boost interest in naming the New Meadowlands Stadium. (Image via

The two teams entered a bid to host the 2014 Super Bowl at their new $1.7 billion stadium.  As the New York Post reports, “if the sales pitch is successful– and many observers believe it will be — the teams would suddenly have a nice carrot to dangle in front of corporate sponsors.”

The carrot trick just worked for the Miami Dolphins, who used the Super Bowl to lure Sun Life Financial into paying a $5 million annual fee for the naming rights to Miami Dolphins Stadium.  So it is likely to work for the New York teams.

“There is no question that if they are awarded the duties, it enhances their chances of getting a naming-rights deal,” Kevin Adler, president of Engage Marketing, told the New York Post.

The two NFL teams initially expected to receive a $30 million, 20-year naming-rights deal for its News Meadowlands Stadium.  But with the recession, they have not been able to find a sponsor to pick up the reduced $20 million price tag.

If the Jets and Giants do win the Super Bowl bid, sponsors will be crawling over each other for a chance to get naming rights for the stadium.  During the 2010 Super Bowl, Sun Life Financial received more than $26 million in media value.




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