The Baseball Information Every Fan Needs To Know

13 04 2010

Baseball season is in full swing, and fans across the country are ready to hit the parks and enjoy a game.

And lucky for them, ticket prices barely increased from last year. According to the 2010 Major League Baseball Cost Index, the average ticket to a MLB game increased just 1.5% to $26.74.

The Minnesota Twins moved into a new open-air stadium this year, allowing the MLB team to charge higher ticket prices (Image via Twins Directory)

The cost to take a family of four — which includes ticket, merchandise and concession purchases — to a MLB game dropped by more than one dollar to $194.98.

Here’s how the teams stack up, according to the Index issued by Team Marketing Report:

  • The Boston Red Sox hold the stop spot  on the FCI; the cost to take a family of four to a game at Fenway will cost you $334.78.  This is about $5 more than the Chicago Cubs and $18 more than the New York Yankees.
  • The Cubbies may not offer the most expensive game day experience, but they do sell the priciest tickets, at $52.56.
  • The Chicago Cubs increased their ticket prices by more than 10% this season (perhaps the new management?)
  • Eleven other MLB teams, including the Minnesota Twins, raised ticket prices.
  • Six teams dropped their average ticket prices this year; 13 remained flat, or showed an increase of less than 1% (like the Yankees).
  • The Diamondbacks offer the cheapest average ticket for the fourth straight season, at $14.31.
  • The Los Angeles Angels are the best bargain.  The AL West champs dropped ticket prices by 5.6% to $18.93.



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